Lithium Pros P1625CK Power Pro, 16V Battery and Charger, 1,100 Cranking Amps, Kit

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From dragsters to Nitrous Pro Mods and everything in between, they all crank the best with the P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah.  It is made for engine starting featuring 1,100 cranking amps. The P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah is made for for total-loss systems with no alternator. It is also a great choice for many types of circle track racing, such as dirt/asphalt, Late Models and Modifieds. It has plenty of reserve to last for a full drag racing pass with multiple stages of nitrous, or for a full circle track race of 100 laps depending on loads.
Made into a Group 34 case, this product is a drop-in replacement for popular 16V offerings from Turbo-Start®, XS Power®, and others.  (10.24″ L x 6.93″ W x 7.2″ T)   Weighing only 11.4 lbs, the P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery Battery is super light weight.  But don’t let the weight fool you.  This battery cranks an engine like nothing else.  The high power Lithium Iron Phosphate cells used in the P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah Lithium Ion Racing Battery Battery are optimized for the highest power output.  That means lightning fast engine starts every time.   You’ll need two of the “other guy’s” batteries to do what one of these will.

Thanks to the Lithium Iron Phosphate technology, the voltage will be higher near the end of the pass (or race), giving you a performance advantage and more consistent voltage all the way to the finish line.

The P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah battery features a charge protection board. The third terminal on the battery is intended for the charger’s ground connection and allows for balanced and safe recharging of the battery.

The P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah battery does not include a low voltage disconnect.  It is very important that the battery voltage never drop below 12.0V. Over discharge damage is excluded from warranty coverage. Further, the P1625 PowerPro 16V 25Ah batteries are not to be used with alternators and they are not to be connected in series (for higher voltage) or parallel (for higher capacity.)

*All 16V lithium-ion batteries require a specialty battery charger.  Do not use 16V battery chargers designed for 16V lead acid batteries.

Battery Included:
16 V
Battery Terminals:
Battery Type:
Cold Cranking Amps (0 degrees F):
Cranking Amps (32 degrees F):
1,100 amps
Reserve Capacity:
60 minutes
Length (in.):
10.240 in.
Width (in.):
6.930 in.
Height (in.):
7.200 in.
13.000 lbs.
Sold as a kit.
Battery Charger Included:
Voltage Type:
Amperage Rating:
15 amps
Voltage Step-Down Box Included:

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