ProForm 67101C Carburetor Main Body For Use With Holley 750 CFM Vacuum Secondary Model Carb

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Direct replacement components to turn a street carburetor into a high-performance carb. Get that extra performance out of your ride in less than 30 minutes! Add up to 25-50 HP with the PROFORM 100 percent NEW, high-performance carburetor main body with No re-built components. Easy swap-in, swap-out installation utilizing existing metering blocks, fuel bowls, and baseplate. Involves only 14 screws. Has adjustable screw-in air bleeds, high-performance down-leg boosters. Get maximum air flow with no air horn, choke tower, or choke control. Comes with instructions, all necessary non-stick replacement gaskets, and high-performance jet kit. PROFORM is a registered trademark of Specialty Auto Parts USA, Inc. Holley and Double Pumper are registered trademarks of Holley Performance Products, Inc. This product is supplied by Specialty Auto Parts USA, Inc. and it is not endorsed by any other carburetor manufacturer. Technical Note: Main body does not retain vacuum advance port in original metering block. Sold Individually.
Product Details:

  • Engine Carburetor Main Body
  • For Use With Holley 750CFM Vacuum Secondary Carburetors
  • No Air Horn
  • Adjustable Air Bleeds and High Performance Down-Leg Boosters
  • Comes With Gaskets and Jet Kit
  • Natural Aluminum With Vibratory Polished Finish
  • 100 percent New
  • Clamshell Packaged For Retail Display
  • Notes: Includes two 36 air bleeds for the secondary outer air bleeds. This main body does not have a passage to operate a vacuum advance. Not compatible with Demon carburetors.
  • Sold As Each

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