PRW 1445401 Big Block Chevy Mark IV 1969-87, Long, 5/8 Pulley Pilot Shaft, 1.75" Inlet, Block-to-Hub 7.3125, As-Cast

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PRW High Performance Aluminum Water Pump - Chevrolet 396-454 Big Block Mark IV1969-87 (Some 1988-91 HD Trucks w/Mark IV Engines) Does not fit Corvette or Trucks over 1 Ton,5/8 Pilot Shaft, Long Style, Block to Hub 7.3125, 1.75 inlet diameter, As- Cast Finish.

PRWs high flow aluminum water pumps are engineered to deliver an increased water flow. These super velocity pumps significantly improve cooling for all street, high performance and racing applications. With special cast-iron impeller and tight clearances, PRW High Performance Aluminum Water Pumps provide increased coolant flow, block pressure, and balanced delivery. Each pump features low pressure-injected, aluminum alloy pump bodies that are complemented by a precision cast-iron impeller design. This helps minimize engine hot spots at any speed.

Equalized water flow distribution and pressure balanced water passages minimize internal engine hot-spots making these pumps an excellent alternative for not only racers, but also trucks, towing, and motorhome applications. Cruisers and hot rodders will appreciate the improved cooling at low speeds and the availability of polished aluminum water pump bodies for nearly every application.

Aircraft industry tolerances
0.750 diameter steel shafts
Reliable cast iron CNC machined impellers
Pressure injected aluminum alloy pump bodies
Billet steel hubs and shielded-seal roller ball bearings
Back plate O ring sealed for most applications
SBC applications include adjustable hardware

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