Reid PG2000R Superglide Powerglide SFI Transmission Case, W/Roller Bearing, 2 Peice

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Superglide 2-Piece Transmission Case with factory installed needle roller bearing in the hub.

Starting with the time proven 1-piece Superglide, Reid decided against the "cut it in half" approach and specifically designed this case to be used as a 2-piece unit. The full 360-degree reinforced mounting flange provides the needed rigidity and stiffness, while extra thickness in critical areas adds strength to the rear of the case and eliminates the need for an internal liner. Unlike other sand-cast competitors, Reid permanent mold casting process is used for extremely accurate, tough, porosity-free cases. Adapter bellhousings and flexplates are available for most popular engine combinations.

No internal or external shields required; case is SFI 4.1 Certified

  • Uses all stock and aftermarket internals; no oddball parts.
  • Bellhousings available for Chevrolet, Buick, Olds, Pontiac, Ford, and Mopar engines. Indexing ring on the oversized flange properly centers bellhousing.
  • Front pump can be installed with or without the bellhousing attached.
  • Made by a permanent mold process from heat treated aircraft grade aluminum. This process is stronger, more ductile, and more accurate than competitors’ brittle sand castings.
  • Oil pan flanges are thickened to stiffen case.
  • Beefed up oil pump area prevents front case distortion under high horsepower. Minimizes flexing which causes gear misalignment and breakage. This case does not leak!
  • Oil pump mounting bolt holes heli coiled to prevent thread failures.
  • Patented adjustable transbrake release. Adjustment bolt varies both the quickness and the rate of release which varies the reaction time and the hit of the tires.
  • Pre-drilled for double dump transbrake.
  • Redesigned oil passages radically improves release time of the transbrake and allows instant application.
  • Patented reverse piston bleed hole vents air from piston area and increases transbrake consistency.
  • No need for external shields or bottom straps.
  • Each case is thoroughly inspected at every step of its production. You can be assured that you will not have the problems associated with porosity and misalignment from poor castings or inferior machining as with other cases.
Transmission Case Material:
Transmission Case Finish:
Adjustable Trans-Brake Release:
Flexplate Shield Built In:
Transmission Shield Built In:
Transmission Shield Rating:
SFI 4.1
Bell Housing Included:
Roller Bearing:
Sold individually.
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